Making-of "Mackevision Motionbox France"

"A road trip through the South of France. It's more and more the case that cars are no longer actually filmed, but are rather digitally inserted into the image during postproduction. This can be the result of limited vehicle availability, ever stricter non-disclosure agreements before the official press release or even because the concept requires a range of imagery and themes too logistically difficult to realise.

Mackevision has thus developed a now unique database of moving pictures that offers a broad spectrum of backplate themes for the CGI integration of vehicles – from coastal roads and mountain passes to racetracks and urban streetscapes.

To fill out our so-called Motionbox ( with further emotional moving-image content, we packed a Russian Arm Mini and drones and took a 5-day road trip through the south of France.

This making-of provides a brief retrospective: "

We are currently overhauling our Making-of clips due to the new data protection regulation.

...edited by Enrico Reich