Making-of "Mackevision Motionbox South Africa"

More and more often, cars are no longer shot live on location rather, out of necessity, digitally inserted during post-production. Sometimes this is due to vehicle availability, other times due to the increasingly strict non-disclosure agreements prior to the official press unveiling – or it may be because the concept demands a wide range of scenic backgrounds which, for logistical reasons, would be next-to-impossible to schedule properly.

To better meet this demand, Mackevision has created an unparalleled stock footage database that offers a wide variety of backplate shots for CGI integration of vehicles – from coastal roads and mountain passes to racetracks and urban spaces.

This is the second time we were given the opportunity to fill Mackevision’s “Motionbox” with gorgeous footage. We followed up on our first trip to France with a journey to South Africa.

We are currently overhauling our Making-of clips due to the new data protection regulation.